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We are a solutions resource. Our future is branded by the success of our clients and the quality of our professionals. Our commitment lies therein.

Our team has experience in economics, information technology, finance and accounting. We do not limit ourselves, however, to quantitative analysts. We believe that critical thinkers that are willing to dedicate the time and energy to understand and work through complex problems, regardless of their backgrounds, can offer value to our firm and our clients. In return, we believe that we provide these individuals the opportunity to utilize their skills to the fullest.

We have successfully undertaken projects of national, regional and local significance and have become a recognized leader in customizable, market-based information with our myResearcher Business Information Interface. Our data and analyses are routinely relied on by businesses, investors, developers, attorneys, trade organizations, legislators and the media.

The Applied Analysis group of companies


SalesTraq is a comprehensive residential real estate research and analysis solution. For more than two decades, SalesTraq has been providing home pricing, sales and development data to real estate agents, homebuilders, appraisers, buyers and investors. Our firm also maintains an archive catalogue of nearly 20,000 floor plans of Nevada homes.

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MyResearcher is a comprehensive data tracking and information reporting website. It provides customizable reports and analysis, allowing you to monitor the information that matters most to you without having to wade through the endless stream of data that doesn't.

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Discovery Nevada

Discovery Nevada is a full-service market research and analysis firm. Founded in 2012, the company is a partnership between Applied Analysis and Discovery Research Group. Applied Analysis was founded in 1997 and is Nevada's leading economic, fiscal and policy research firm. Over the past 25 years, Discovery Research Group has grown to become one of the western region's premier data collection and primary research companies with a reputation for unmatched integrity and quality.

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